A visão longinqua daquela muralha, que corre de norte para sul ao longo da Africa austral,e à  qual nunca cheguei.ficou-me a recordação.assemelha-se,À  escarpa da chela,Angola,que tem a seus pés o deserto da namibia, que contempla, há¡ milhões de anos numa estenção de cerca de 150 kilometros.

terça-feira, abril 24, 2018

Wait there! Hatred and death will return in the form of elimination! Hold on! Should man kill and die? "Shelley"
The world is tired of the past!
Oh! May I die, or may I rest!
To my father fate had spoken! It depended once more
a jerk of the Devil!
My father, stung by remorse for having sent to Angola, two children broke the seal of his jail and put an end to his life
Do not you feel the breath of Santanás around the world? Look! He walks around
The fruit as the nations rot from the inside out!
Hell for the poor is in this world, Heaven is for others!
In the Universe there are two forces in permanent opposition! Attraction and Repulsion
The same is true of the human soul between Good and Evil!
                                                         () () () ()
The order to dissolve you comes from above, see you! That even the water
who hardened within you, opposing gravity, forsakes thee! BAD
Are there two worlds in the same space? Those who walk vertically and
which are horizontal. This is the living on top and the dead on the bottom!
All living beings without exception age due to radioactivity
and the gravity that surrounds them from the moment they are born!
I laugh at you Mother Nature of the imitation of you painters, sculptors and poets!
Intensive course only for diplomats! Accessible to small IQ
unbutton and button the coat button when exiting or entering the car
Speak louder who in the pulpit speaks!